Coach Ray Briggs Basketball

More Than A Game

Are you ready to learn HOW TO play Basketball???

Do you want your SKILLS and FUNDAMENTALS to IMPROVE???


Private, Personalized, and Detailed Basketball Development in San Antonio

Elementary Grade School Ages: 8-11

Introductory level Goals

  • To build confidence in body control and movements
  • Understand basic Offensive and Defensive team concepts
  • To Increase the application of basic fundamental SKILLS in Game Situations

Middle School Ages: 12-15

Transition Years Goals

  • Identify and reach basic milestones (middle school starter/impact player & High School Varsity)
  • Develop an understanding of various levels of competition outside of your school, city, & state.

High School and Beyond Ages: 16 & up

Discovery & Development

  • Build confidence in what you do best as a player and what translates to the next level.
  • Develop a professional approach to maximizing your strengths and developing your growth areas.


Have you seen this at your local gym before.......

In the U.S.A unfortunately this is how kids are introduced to sports.  This limits players touches, understanding, and confidence.

By breaking the game down into SIMPLE, and PROGRESSIVE steps players build CONFIDENCE, SELF-ESTEEM, and a DESIRE to learn more.

The goal is to introduce, reinforce, and progressively develop a players understanding of Team Concepts and their Skill.  I have been blessed to help 100s of players reach various goals as small as just learning how to play, making a middle/high school team, earn a college scholarship, or play professionally.  

As a former player and current trainer with 20+ years of coaching experience there are certain things that get RESULTS at EVERY LEVEL.

While I ONLY work with a LIMTED number of players on a monthly basis I ALWAYS want to make myself available to help any player or parent who has a desire and passion to Get Better, Learn the Game, and Grow as a person!

Ready to find out more?

I have been training with Coach Briggs since I was 9 years old. If you are looking for someone who genuinely cares about your success and will push you to get there, he is the man to go to!

Mitch Action shot

Blessed with the opportunity to work with Coach Briggs, I was able to learn the realism of on and off the court sacrifices it takes to succeed as a basketball player and ultimately as a human being.

San Antonio Basketball David Clark

Ray did a great job teaching me all of the basic skills a player needs to be successful. When it came to specializing and honing my skills he did amazing at recognizing what kind of playing style worked best for me and provided me with some great moves that I still use today. I owe a lot of my success to the work Ray put in with me.

Ben Lammers

When working on a craft it takes years and it takes someone to know that craft to teach it properly.  Working with Coach Briggs has laid the strong foundation to my game I have today, and working with him since being in the fourth grade has pushed me to the places I am today on and off the court.

Tony Lewis action shot